November 20, 2011

Creative Credits

Prepaid Credits for Creative Services

Add $1500 to your marketing budget this year and give your credit union marketing projects a boost!  You can have a full service, external marketing department for your credit union on call whenever you need. With prepaid credits, you’ll never have to worry about quotes, overages or getting to know a variety of external resources.  Credits are valid for 12 months after purchase – so you have plenty of time to have an extra hand on call.

Cost:  10 Creative Credits = $1500  

Credits can be used for:

  • Create new artwork for print, digital and social
  • Update / refresh current artwork
  • Brainstorming
  • Website audit (report on what your customer sees and seek out outages)
  • External review of current campaign / or preview of material about to be launched
  • Bulk mail prep / bulk permit usage (credit usage based on project)
  • Email marketing
    • Create / set up new account
    • Create branded templates
    • Create/send email marketing emails
    • Upload / clean email database
  • Technical assistance on social media sites

How do we get started?

  1. Use the form below to request additional information
  2. Want to chat in person?  Call  765-993-7290.
  3. Need to see design samples?  View portfolio.
  4. Or – you can order your prepaid credits now. 

Terms: Valid 12 months from time of purchase.  Non-transferable. Valid for one company/organization.  Cannot be shared/split among multiple organizations.  Some projects will require more than one credit (example, a detailed doubled sided print design would require 2 credits – 1 per side).  Credit usage will be disclosed before proceeding with any project.